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Case Studies

Case Study #1

SOX Compliance – Auditing Expertise and Resources Provided to a Pharmaceutical Company

An SEC-registered pharmaceutical public company and large accelerated filer with revenue increases from approximately $150 million to $600 million in 3 years required additional internal auditing expertise and resources to meet new and changing compliance and internal control requirements. READ FULL STUDY >>

Case Study #2

Merger and SAP Implementation – Accounting Expertise, Resources and an Interim Controller Required by an Electronic Material Manufacturer in the Electronics Industry

A manufacturing company with significant revenue growth over several years and approximately $500 million in revenue was implementing an SAP system and required additional accounting resources and an interim controller during the implementation project and after. READ FULL STUDY >>

Case Study #3

SAP Implementation – Accounting Resource and Project Management Leadership for a Medical Imaging Products Manufacturer 

A privately held US manufacturing company of medical imaging products with approximately $1 billion in revenue with offices in Delaware, Europe, Australia and Japan was implementing SAP and required an interim management resource to assist with the FI module configuration and testing and with project management of the implementation and training efforts in Sydney, Australia. READ FULL STUDY >>

Case Study #4

Internal Controls Expertise, Training and Project Planning for an Oil Company

An African oil company with approximately $12 billion in revenue and multiple subsidiaries wanted to provide in-house training to approximately 50 key accounting and audit executives and managers. The Company also required assistance developing a Company-wide internal control project implementation plan. READ FULL STUDY >>

Case Study #5

Outsourced SOX Compliance and Internal Audit Expertise for a Real Estate Management Company

An SEC-registered real estate public company with approximately $15 million in revenue required outsourced internal auditing expertise to handle all compliance and internal control requirements. The company had limited accounting personnel and required best practices in implementing COSO and control monitoring solutions. READ FULL STUDY >>

Case Study #6

Implementation of IT Policies, Procedures, and Controls for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company

A public company in the pharmaceutical industry experienced significant growth over several years and required enhanced IT policies and procedures and adoption of a security and availability controls framework. READ FULL STUDY >>

Case Study #7

SOC 2 Audit for an IT Managed Services Provider

A large customer of an IT service organization providing outsourced managed services required an SOC 2 audit. READ FULL STUDY >>

Case Study #8

IT SOX Controls Documentation for European Pharmaceutical Company

A large privately owned European pharmaceutical company with over $3 billion in revenue and limited experience with SOX compliance in the USA required audit expertise to document IT controls relative to IT operations for a division being purchased by a US company. READ FULL STUDY

Case Study #9

Reconciliation Project Leadership, Expertise and Resources Provided to a Nationwide Bank

A large public company financial institution with over $11 billion in assets and approximately $800 million in revenue had a breakdown in reconciliation procedures for automated processing of transactions by an outsourced processor. The Bank required expertise and resources to resolve control weaknesses and investigate unreconciled prior year processing errors and irregularities. READ FULL STUDY

Case Study #10

SOX and Internal Control Project Management Leadership and Resources Provided to an Energy Company

A large public energy company with $6 billion in revenue and multiple subsidiaries was required to document and implement internal controls throughout the company and at various locations for Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) requirements. READ FULL STUDY

Case Study #11

Audit Expertise and Resource for a Regional Water Company

A local public water company, with $77 million in revenue and $431 million in assets, acquired property and certain equipment pursuant to an acquisition agreement with a local municipality. Management required an independent auditor to perform steps to ensure certain aspects of the agreement were adhered to and reports provided were reliable. READ FULL STUDY

Case Study #12

Compliance Assistance and Resource Provided to a World Wide Bank Operating in Delaware

A worldwide bank with operations in Delaware required assistance with strategic planning and research efforts relating to compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). The Delaware bank has assets approximating $28 billion and interest and other revenue of $2.8 million. READ FULL STUDY

Case Study #13

Outsourced SOX Services Provided to an SEC Public Company

An SEC-registered public company on the verge of bankruptcy required outsourced internal auditing expertise to handle all compliance and internal control requirements. The company had limited resources and accounting personnel and required an efficient approach to ongoing Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Compliance efforts. READ FULL STUDY

Case Study #14

Document Procedures, Risks and Controls for a Manufacturing Division of a Large Public Company. Assist with Accounting for Carve Out Transaction

A large public company helicopter manufacturing division with limited accounting and compliance personnel was required by its corporate headquarters to document procedures for business processes and to identify financial reporting risks and controls in those processes. At the same time, management required assistance in carving out a line of business for a sale transaction. READ FULL STUDY

Case Study #15

Special Projects and Reconciliation Specialist for a Nationwide Bank

A large public company financial institution required an audit and reconciliation specialist to lead various special projects and reconciliation efforts throughout the bank. READ FULL STUDY

Case Study #16

Provided Internal Controls Expertise, Leadership, and Resources to a Full Solution Security Services Company

A public company and nationwide provider of full solution security services and revenue approximating $140 million required expertise, leadership and resources to implement the May 2013 COSO Framework, assist the company in documenting its risk assessment, enhance business process documentation and controls, including IT and entity level controls, and to assist in developing ongoing monitoring plans and separate evaluations. READ FULL STUDY