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IT Auditing and Controls

IT audit services PA NJ DETechnology is at the center of the modern workplace. As businesses have become increasingly reliant on technology, IT auditing has become a necessity for ensuring an organization is aware of potential risks and can maximize their technology investments. New risks and continuous technology changes and innovations further emphasize the need to conduct routine and ongoing IT audits. Periodic audits detail current IT security, governance, and risk issues. IT audits also provide recommendations for changes and updates to practices and system controls.

Accounting and Business Consultants, LLC's Certified Information System Auditors (CISAs) will help your organization assess security and availability risks, technological challenges, and opportunities by conducting a risk and controls analysis of your company’s IT systems. With our assistance, your organization will clearly see how to make practical improvements to reduce IT systems risk. Contact us now at 800-930-2923 to learn more or to discuss your IT auditing and compliance needs.

Our comprehensive IT audit services include:

Our detailed IT analysis includes: