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Audit Preparation

Interim CFO Philadelphia PA

Are you ready for your next audit? Are issues resolved, procedures and controls documented, supporting schedules prepared, and IT systems reliable? We can help. As both consultants and a certified public accounting firm licensed in various states, we have the expertise and qualified resources to ensure your business is prepared and ready for its next audit.  

Staffing changes, accounting changes or issues, new systems, new or changing business requirements are just some of the situations that can result in a need to obtain assistance during critical periods. Accounting and Business Consultants, LLC can hit the ground running as an extension of your team. We'll contribute the financial and compliance expertise your organization requires to attain goals, meet deadlines, and stay focused on growth.

Find out how our consulting firm expertise and resources can help your organization conquer financial and compliance hurdles so you can have peace of mind and stay focused on reaching higher profits. Our services are designed to be cost-effective for middle market corporations throughout the greater Philadelphia area and beyond. Call 800-930-2923 now or contact us through our website.